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Daily Devotion (English) – 17.03.2023

Daily Devotion (English) – 17.03.2023




“...shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.” -Matthew 19:29


There was a student in a class who will boast himself as if he knew everything and complain about teachers. One day the teacher wrote 1000 on the board and asked him to read. He said one thousand. The teacher added a zero to it at the back. He said ten thousand. Then the teacher added a zero infront and asked hi to read. He said ten thousand. The teacher said, " if a number with lower value follows a number with higher value, its value will increase. If it tries to overtake, its value will decrease. Teacher student relationship is like this."


In the same way, if we follow the Almighty our value will increase. When Peter said, we followed you and what will we get, Jesus replied, you will judge sitting on a throne and also you will receive a hundred fold. And when you follow Me you ill inherit eternal life. But Lucifer thought to climb above Jesus. He was cast away from Heaven. Today, if we follow him, we can not only inherit eternal life but also receive a hundred fold. If we follow Him the light of the world, like the moon receiving and reflecting the light from sun we will shine before people reflecting His light. Tribes and kings will come to our light. All we have to do is to Prioritise Christ above all and follow Him. We shouldn't place Christ behind and go forward thinking I know everything. 


My dear! How is your life? Is it bright and has a value? It is because, Jesus have kept you near Him! Do not forget, for God is in your right side! Is your life in dark and worthless? Prioritise Jesus the Savior over everything and follow Him, your life will be bright. You will inherit Heaven with a hundredfold benefits. 

- Mrs. Anbujothi Stalin


Prayer request:

To lot of children to taste the love of God through "School Mission" among children.



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