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Our Loving greetings in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The book of Job frequently repeats the sense of word “Almighty in it.” Job sees God as Almighty in the midst of loss, sorrows, snares, troubles, turmoil sufferings and constrains.   See God as a unique person in the midst of family life, personal life and in your work.  May the almighty God reveal his mighty power in your works.

God did great things in the last month ministry.  In this New year the field missionaries are doing the ministry with new plans and new resolutions systematically.  In our generation Our Nation must know and see Jesus.  Please pray for the blessing of God for the efforts we put forward.

In the held Youth meet for both Male and Female individually during Pongal Holidays 146 female youths and 198 male youths have participated and granted the meetings.  And continuously special get-together was held for the ministers.  Even the Joint missionaries had also participated with strong decision.  They have stepped into the field to preach the gospel to those undelivered.

To Andhra, Odisha missionary fields Brother Philip Balamurugan and Brother Alagarsamy had paid visit and given special trainings and advices to the missionaries in the mission fields.  Our realizing work to be done is more and distance to be travelled is very far, we have decided to construct the churches and meet the needs of the ministers.  Pray and enhance your help hand.

“Go and preach the gospel to all creatures all over the world” is the last and prime commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ and the savior of this world.  To fulfill this, as churches, families, every Christian should act.  You can’t tell lame excuse as “It is not my call.” If you tell so “you are a liar” to express yourself a Christian.  If Jesus Christ comes into our heart, we can’t be idle without proclaiming Jesus to others.  When Samaritan woman heard about Jesus partially she went swiftly to all known persons about Jesus.  The four lepers those who have known the gospel suddenly are convicted as “what we are doing is not correct.”

We are stagnant without action having known and tasted the love of Jesus Christ.  For this we can’t say excuses as it is the church’s duty or ministry’s duty.  Having known Jesus Christ if we don’t proclaim Jesus we are the spiritual thieves.

If the villages should be for Jesus means, it should be met regularly and continuously.  Then only we can see the harvest.  One day one person remarked regretfully as a team of their visit to a village for a year, monthly once and found no result of conversion.  And later they had stopped their visit.  Of course it is true they heard the gospel monthly once for 12 months and were not born again.  But you Christians once in a week, for 52 weeks in a year you had heard the sermons. “Are you changed to be a true Christian? How many of you in your church are born again?” asked I.  He calmly acknowledged his lacks.  I remarked “Visit a village continuously for 52 weeks with prayer then you will see the better in village than in the church.” Yes, if we without excuse act swiftly with soul winning burden soon we will win the Nation for Christ.

For your notice we inform you that we have proposed to conduct the Youth Prayer Camp on 30th April 2018.  We have started the ready works for that with prayer.  We have put efforts to rise with a vision of 50,000 youths’ participation as a prayer warrior army harvest of our Nation.  Please pray that may God yield a big harvest with this prayer warrior army for the revival fire in the nook and corner of various parts of India as Missionaries commitment.  And also pray for the great needs of the harvest to be met and God may be glorified with delivering power through the revival harvest.

May the grace of God be with all of you.

In His service

David Ganesan

Welcome to Village Missionary Movement


Village Missionary Movement was started in 1996 by Brother K. David Ganesan. He could see Jesus and heard him cry and got the burden for the ministry and began to work. Many who have the same burden join together as a group beyond church denomination and work as a missionary movement. At present the mission is carried out in Tamilnadu, Andhra and Orissa.


  • As the verse, “Shepherd my Sheep” says children and youth in villages are reached and guided towards Jesus and through them gospel is taken to their villages.
  • To mold the child and youth as the future leader and mission workers
  • To make each Christian a soul winner

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