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From our beloved brother, New Year Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to our readers of Motcha Payanam.  As per the Psalmist declaration, “Let us be present before the Lord in the door of Tabernacle with praise and Jubilation.” We shall be stepped into the New Year 2018 with praising and thanking the Lord our God.  Let us decide with prayer and take resolutions to run the coming New Year 2018 as the year of growing in Holiness in our ministry and lead the children and youth towards Holiness.

God has burdened us to publish this month edition as a special missionary edition.  When we leaf back the history of our missionaries we can see many missionaries who shone/gloved like stars of heaven.  Let us know few of them.  This month magazine is depicted with important lessons and truths out of their lives.  This month magazine has been included with devotion and meditation.  Read this month magazine with prayers.  Introduce this magazine to others also.

There is an important reason for our knowing Jesus and becoming the inheritor of eternity.  These are due to the missionaries’ sacrificial denial of their native countries and homes across the seas for preaching gospels.  If those missionaries have not stepped into our lands you and we would have been left in this world without any hope, with fear over gripped in us dashing the wind for vain goals towards hell.  Let us stay on kneels thanking God for having provided such missionaries in search of us with gospels.

In Latin ‘Missionary’ means ‘Those who are sent for’.  Lord Jesus Christ was the first missionary of New Testament.  Forsaking the glory of heaven Jesus Christ was manifested as son of God to this world bearing the troublesome and pain some life for the sake of ungrateful mankind to preach the kingdom of God.  As His heavenly father had sent the Lord Jesus Christ to this world he had sent his disciples to preach the gospel of salvation and eternity (John 17:18).  Though the chosen disciples of God for gospelisation were sent to preach the gospel all over the world they are being called missionaries.  Every born again Christian is called a missionary for Christ.  In 1Pet.2:9, we read every believer is called as a chosen people of royal priesthood of a holy nation a people belonging to God. So, every one of us is being called as God sent missionary.  Let us commit to proclaim the gospel from our place through our life as testimony to others.

From the leaf of previous month ministry:  We all know that the month of December is exploration of gospel.  In the month of December, we have proclaimed the gospel of birth of Christ through songs, stories, puppet shows and dramas in 21 districts.  We had conducted the Christmas programs for children and distributed gifts and prizes to the children and to their parents.  We faced oppositions from few villages.  But pray for the birth of Christ to take place in their hearts and further we have enhanced the needy people.  We pray that may God bless you everyone for your kind help to celebrate the Christmas programs.

The get together camps for Joint Missionaries are held in the month of December 2017 in the places at Virudhunagar, Salem and Trichy.  The missionaries have got the refreshment and departed to their fields dynamically and energetically.

Please uphold your prayers for every month conduction of All Night Prayer in Gethsemane campus, Missionaries Camp, Fasting Prayer, every days Morning Devotion, the Bible college student’s trainings, Children’s Home, Tuition Centres.  The construction for the accommodation of 1000 members’ accommodation of Prayer Hall.

May God Bless you and prosper you highly in all your efforts and Jobs.

May the grace of God be with you.

Yours sincerely in Him

J. Santosh

Welcome to Village Missionary Movement


Village Missionary Movement was started in 1996 by Brother K. David Ganesan. He could see Jesus and heard him cry and got the burden for the ministry and began to work. Many who have the same burden join together as a group beyond church denomination and work as a missionary movement. At present the mission is carried out in Tamilnadu, Andhra and Orissa.


  • As the verse, “Shepherd my Sheep” says children and youth in villages are reached and guided towards Jesus and through them gospel is taken to their villages.
  • To mold the child and youth as the future leader and mission workers
  • To make each Christian a soul winner

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