Daily Devotion – 29.10.2019

“…Prepare to meet your God,” – Amos 4:12

Men like to wear neat and fair dresses. The British institute of dress named “List” announces, “Not only while you are living even after death wear stylish dress.” In Britain 85% of people wish to wear the best dress while they die. For this they are ready to spend about one lakh rupees, and for such persons, this dress institution making ready grand new dress in the name, “Over my dead body.”

To make the people to preregistration on this dress, they use enticing words do you know? “After death we will in single dress, so expensing little more is not wrong.” And they remark, “If you buy those dress as your taste designed dress and keep it with you, you will meet the death very satisfactorily.” And further for the models they dress these dresses and lay the body inside the cemetery graveyard box for advertisement. And below the advertised daily news there was a comment being placed as, “Where do such suggestion do rise?” So, having known Christ and His second coming what comment we are going to give? In this world many people live without knowing that there is a life after death. How pathetic the matter is!

Dear ones! The years are rolling on. The things of the world are going to come to an end. The so far/trumpet will be blown in the sky to our unexpected time and with battalions of Angels surrounded state our Lord Jesus Christ will come. We will meet him either by life alive or by death. This news all of us knew very fine. But the crores of worldly people without knowing this they make ready in some various types for death! Have we burdened for these people’s death? In the days of judgment every non saved neighbor will charge against us! Every minute that we have wasted will convict us! Every chance that was not used for God will convict us! What reply we are going to give?
-Mrs. Eben Santosh

Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Lord fill you with spirit of prayer and spirit of supplication upon the Chain Prayer Link prayer partners.

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