Daily Devotion – 27.08.2019
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:3
The father of president of America Abraham Lincoln’s father was a cobbler. The opponent party once thought to belittle, Abraham Lincoln with his background status. The opponent party person told that, “I am wearing your father stitched footwear till now.” And Lincoln “Is it so, look my father stitched cheppal how long is useful! If that cheppal gets repaired on any day give to me, I shall stitch and give to you. Though I am a president I know to repair the cheppal.” said politely the president.
Being belittled and lowered to humiliation before others is very hard and painful one. But accepting the humiliation and being humble in that place is also an experience of maturity. As per the verse, “he who humbles himself will be exalted” God is mighty to exalt those who humble himself. Where we are humiliated, there will God exalt our head. Look the life of Joseph. He was falsely accused, imprisoned, constrained and enslaved. But he patiently endured all those things. In the end, where Joseph was humiliated there, the Lord God exalted his head. When Jesus was charged falsely before Roman government with lies, He did not show himself as God by using the truth/facts nor did he show himself as a big person. He kept quiet, but the Father exalted Jesus name high above all other names.
Dear ones! Does your life is so? Are you seemed humiliated before the relatives, friends and church, is your head bowed down? Whether shame and scourging have covered you? Are you heartbroken with unreasonable charges? Don’t be troubled. God is with you only/alone. Blessed are you when you patiently bear the shame. God will exalt you in the right appointed time.
– Mrs. Ruth Anis
Prayer Request:
Pray for newly committed same visioned missionaries to get united with parallel ministries.
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