Daily Devotion – 22.11.2019

“…love covers all sins.” – Proverbs 10:12

God united that husband and wife both lived very lovingly. Suddenly the wife was affected by skin disease. There was no use and no improvement inspite of many treatments offered to her. Her skin disease and physical weakness increased gradually. Though both of them were without any difference of change or countenance change they lived with thanks to God for leading them.

One day when the husband returned from his work, he was caught in accident and lost his both eyes sight. In the meantime, his wife’s skin disease increased day by day. But his wife felt happy that she severely undergoing the suffering will not be seen by her husband due to his loss of sight. As the days passed physical weakness increased and she died.

The husband was unable to bear the loss of his wife. He buried her and walked alone. He stopped there hearing a person calling him behind he asked, “How do you walk and come here alone without anybody’s help?” The husband said, “I am not blind, but I acted as if I blind knew my wife’s skin disease severely increased and suffering to perfect her from getting wounded herself to see me worrying for her.” What a love! When we happen to see others weakness, we must act to be unseen and unknown their weakness to protect them from getting wounded. Yes, this is the good example for love others as thyself.

We read in the scripture, when Noah was unconsciously lying on the floor her clothes seemed little diverted from him, his one son exposed to his other brothers and mocked at it and got cursed. But other sons/children, not doing like other son stepped behind their father covered their father with clothing and got the blessings. We too must learn to cover other sins/wrongs and forget them as if God has forgiven and covered our sins our God who is of whole some had known our weakness, lacking inability slips seeing the depth of our sins accepted us we are, is not it? So, let us not wish to know others lacking and weakness and belittle others weakness like Jesus Christ heart accept others as they are. Hallelujah!
– K. Deborah

Prayer Request:
Pray for proposed tomorrow’s children camps in Sivakasi and Elayirampannai and May the Lord meet the needs for the same and for better climate condition.

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