Daily Devotion – 20.11.2019

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

It is marvelous to say that Thomas Alva Edison is the hero of invention. In his child hood he went to school and in 3 months time when his teacher scolded him, “He is mentally disordered” his school education got ended. His mother taught him to read and write and taught the Bible. Thus lacking person in the latter days he became great inventor, industrialist and electric light bulb and telephony and telegraphy (sound recording) inventor of 1093 patents in various fields.

When the news reporters and scientists went to praise and applause him on hearing great inventions, he smilingly said, “I am not willing to waste the time by speaking about yesterday’s inventions.” His strenuous efforts, hard work and faith in God made/changed him the achiever.

In this scripture St. Paul says in 2 Corin.12th chapter, “I have weakness.” And he says that he delights about the weakness. He established many churches and went to many villages, towns and countries and declared about the love of Jesus Christ. Many times, we tell that I am weak, I have this lacking and I can’t. But neither Edison the inventor of various things nor St. Paul told I can’t. They kept their faith upon Jesus and put their efforts and God exalted them. Yes, by stating or pointing our weakness we must not be inactive.

Dear ones in Christ! Don’t worry about your weakness nor worry about it, but with prayer and faith act for God continuously. Whatever that is in hand enables you act it for Him with full strength. In declaring about Jesus to others, be keener and concern. Let us use the availed opportunities and time without wasting it for winning souls.
– P. Steve Matthew

Prayer Request:
Pray for many to get down loading of our android app messages and grow piously in Christ.

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