Daily Devotion – 16.10.2019

“…in your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed;” – Genesis 26:4

A journey of a youth in the desert had been delayed due to serve seasons. What he had stored in the bottle the water got exhausted. When his tongue searched and longed for water on thirst his eyes got tired and his life suffered dryness. When the tongue for water in thirst his eyes noticed a hut! There the rotten pipe and near it in a vessel was green funguses water! And there the writings were written as, “If you pour this water and pump it you will get drinking water. And after thirst is over fill this vessel with water and go.” When he poured the little water and pumped, Aha! There was pure drinking water. After drinking the water, he recovered his life then he filled the vessel with water for someone who comes for water.

Thus, in knowing of the knowledge of true God though India was like desert for Thomas showed the living water. The streams flowed from the sufferings, pains and efforts of later missionaries, so our thirst is being quenched. If they had been in selfish thought in their nations what would have been our condition. The sacrifice and selfless thirst, that they had done for the latter descendent leads us until day.

We Christians what we leave for latter descendent? In the scripture we read Mother Hannah who had given birth as Samuel from the deserted life and devoted her blessings and child to the temple to the place where it was defiled by Eli’s sons. There the revival erupted! The wavering, and tossing souls escaped the punishment with salvation. You parents! Will you come forward to give your children for God for the salvation of latter generations? One business man teaches the trade to his child. But will we encourage our children for others blessings as soul winners?
– Mrs. Jothi Anand

Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Lord use our 6th batch Bible College students as God’s instruments in His hands.

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