Daily Devotion 14.11.2019 (Children’s day Special)


“…Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 19:14


Small kids! Today is your day. Children’s day! Happy children’s day! Have a shake hand. We had a Prime Minister who was called as Nehru uncle. We celebrate his birthday as children’s day. See, Prime Minister has love towards you children. Jesus Christ likes you more than all others in this world. He is more concerned over you. Shall we see a true incident about that?


From United States of America Ankiroma named minister of God was called to preach in the churches in Tamil Nadu. At that time, he started his testimony shall we hear it? “When I was a small child I craved for love. I did not know who my father was, if I ask my mother, she used to get angry and shout. Hence, I grew up in the loveless situation I used to weep with worries. One day my mother made me sit in the park and left, “I will come soon” never returned till evening. Until it began to dark, I stayed one place and started to weep. I was hungry one side and with fear the other side. At that time one sir came and took me with love wiped out my tears and took me to his house. He fed me to my stomach full and all members spoke to me smiling.


In my mind it seemed chill water poured on me. In that house there were two small brothers. Teacher who taught them tuition started to teach me. I attended the Sunday school along with them regularly. The songs and stories that were taught to me, I liked more. The words they said that Jesus loves me made me happy. From that day onwards I called, Jesus as my father and asked all my needs and got them. In the midst of many troubles I grew up as a child of Jesus. Jesus taught me and told me to help others and show love to others. They called me for doing ministry for God. I started to share others all things that Jesus had done in my life. Jesus provided gifts, power to me. Now I am travelling all over the world and I speak about His love. I am very much amazed about it! If my father had been with me, I don’t know would have I got thus privileges as now?” said Ankiroma.


Dear kids! Jesus Christ likes you more and more. If you realize and understand His love, He will exalt you as per His wish. Ok.

  • Deborah


Prayer Request:

Pray for the school, college students and youths that we meet be saved and live witnessing life for Christ.


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