Daily Devotion 13.08.2019


“And see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” – Psalm 139:24


How can a man do repair one who does not know about two wheelers vehicles? Of course, he may loosen all items from the vehicle and keep it in a store in line.  But he can’t find out the defected parts for repairing.  Neither can he arrange to its origin order.  He may have desire to repair the vehicle.  But without its knowledge thinking to repair it is foolish thing.  Thus, doing will produce more repairs and will affect other parts in the vehicle and lead to worst condition.


To repair the vehicle a particular knowledge of person will be needed.  When the mechanic finds the repaired parts, he will set right to good condition by removing the defected parts, because he knows the method of its manufacture.  Once he rides, he will find out which part does have the defect.  Yes, he is the right person to repair the vehicle!


Just like that he who created us very grandly and kept in the special place is our God! He is the lead and guide for us to suggest and advise us in the way we have to walk. He as the creator knows all things about us.  He is special and changes our problems in life, and provides calmness, peace and happiness.  But we leaving him we roam here and there with questions are there any way to solve my problem? Where will I get the peace and rest? We go after cinema, luxurious and lust of the world and love of men.  It is just like giving the vehicle for repair with pleading to the man who is ignorant of two-wheeler.  The result is that we are cast out to the worst condition than before.


Dear ones! In Whatever worst may be your condition, does not matter. Come to Jesus.  He is willing and waiting to repair you, heal you and provide you peace.  Because he who had created you had known you better.  He may renew you and refresh to good life.  Believing commit yourself in his hands today itself.

  • Jeyakumari


Prayer Request:

Pray for May every participant those who enter inside the campus feel God’s presence and glory.


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