Daily Devotion – 06.08.2019
“Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, And cleanse me from my sin.” – Psalm 51:2
In our daily life the scripture warns against the sins that we must flee away from sins by telling us the result of it. Today let us see the effect of result of sins.
Primarily, the sin affects the sinner. For example, when Adam and Eve sinned, it affected them. So, they were driven out of Garden of Eden. Thus, King David who lived very pleasing to God, when he sinned how he was affected that we read in Psalm 51 chapter. And further when the second younger son sinned, it affected him more. Grown in wealth the second son was forsaken by all and lastly, he was led to eat the husk kept for the pigs to feed. But he did not get that feed for him but suffered that we know. Thus, the sin suffers the man more who had done it, is certain.
Secondly, the sin affects the sinner who had done it and also affects others. Yes, the sin of Adam had affected all the dynasties of human beings till now. Yes, by the resulted birth of David’s sin with Bathsheba had made God to strike his infant child to death is read in the scripture. We must understand due to the sin of the second son (prodigal) his father was more affected. So, our sin affects others, that we must understand.
Thirdly, Sins affects our God! The question may arise how our sin may affect God! The sin of Adam had affected God and grieved him (Gen.6:6). Thus, when David sinned it affected God. Because we see this in the Bible (Psalm 51:4) David stating as, “I have done the sin against God”. Further we read this from the statement of the repented second son in his confession of sin as he had sinned against the Heaven in Luke 15:18. Yes, the sin that we do, affects God.
Dear ones! Shall we retain in the sins of such sufferings and pains producing condition? Think a while. Woe, my sinful life grieves the heart of God! If this above said feelings may come into your heart, immediately from this second onwards close your eyes and ask God in prayer for help. Certainly, He will forgive your sins and transform to transfigurate your life.
– K.M. Prasad
Prayer Request:
Pray for, may the Lord God do great things in today’s Fasting Prayer meeting.
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