Daily Devotion – 05.10.2019

“Against You, you only, have I sinned …done this evil…” – Psalm 51:4

The creations of God are wonderful. Let us learn one thing from the fish that was created on the 4th day of creation. God created the fish to be united in the water. When it is taken out of water it starts to toss. How a fish can’t live outside of water when it is taken out from the water so a believer can’t live holy without God or with being left from God. The reason is that the sin separates both man and God. Yes, when a fish is not in a natural state its body tosses. But a man tries and starts to act even in his unnatural state. This we can see through the lives of two persons from the Bible.

Acting Man: Naaman who got cure from Elisha prophet paid his offerings to him. And Elisha refused to get it. But Elisha’s servant Gehazi mind and heart was upon the materials. Gehazi told lie and got all the materials and kept in his house and stood before Elisha as if he did not know anything. The wrong done Gehazi who had to tremble before Elisha started to act before him; the result was that he received leprosy as punishment.

Trembling Man: The king David during the period of war, without going to war/battle, he stayed aloof and had fallen into sin. Prophet Nathan came to David who lived without any conviction of sin and made him to realize his sinful state. Immediately King David trembled and fasted with prayer. That is the product of his prayer in Psalm 51 chapter. Thus when St. Peter realized his state of refusing Jesus, he was trembled in heart and wept bitterly. God accepted him and changed him as the founder of New Testament church.

Dear ones in Christ! When we face the situation of leaving God’s relationship, we will immediately tremble and rise up. God will not keep quiet at the trembling soul/heart without raising them up. God will not use the actors. Being in sins do we act as spiritual men? Or alas! Do we tremble that we are unable to leave the sin? Let us think. And let us not be acting men but be tremblers!
– Bro. Arun Abel

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