Daily Devotion – 03.09.2019
“…keep yourselves from idols…” – 1 John 5:21
When Jesus Christ was born, in those days the kingdom of Rome was spread all over the world. The characters of these Romans craftsmanship were more skilled in sculpture. If we happen to see the archeological discoveries of Roman king’s sculpture, those crafts will be more astonishment to us. In imaging of a person as sculpture they are the efficient sculptor personalities! When they chop the face in the marble stone, they are capable of chopping the eye brow as hair, to that much they are efficient and skillful.
But see an astonishment matter. Jesus Christ lived in the world, died, resurrected and ascended to heaven. Thousands of people went to see him directly. The disciples wrote the gospels about Jesus. We read Matthew wrote gospel and Mark wrote gospel. But there is no drawing was picturized as Jesus image or particular person sculptured. Jesus image or idol, why? The disciples knew this. They knew that people, of course may change the image as an idol for worship. So, the disciples or the churches or believers did not do such mistakes.
What we have learned from this? Why we did not have any historical proof about the life of Jesus Christ in his days. That is not essential for us. He is living in the glorious right side of the father. John who had seen Jesus Christ in vision had fallen down like a dead person is written. Yes, this is an astonishment thing. Do you have any such picture or image (idol) in your house? Cast out such things from your house.
Of course, to describe about the picture of Jesus to small children for the scripture is not wrong. Describing about Jesus Christ in the film who acted as character is not wrong. But if we keep the picture of Jesus in our house like other religious people, it is wrong. Either if when we don’t worship such picture but others try to worship while they visit our house, it is a sin. So, let us worship Him truly and spiritually. Let us cast out idols from us.
– J. Santosh
Prayer Request:
Pray for 23,000 youths who attended the youth revival camp on Aug.15 in Tirunelveli.
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