From Your Brother – MAY 2018

Our greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ. God’s Grace had led us wonderfully and amazing throughout the previous month ministry. God had enabled us to gospelise in the Ariyalur district to 34 villages with film ministry in the 13 villages. Perhaps there were oppositions in few villages. There were open gates for the ministry from their villages. In the month of April, we conducted children’s gospel ministry in the new villages. “Children’s are crying for bread but none is there to provide;” to this verse application the children are more eager to hear the word of God was proved in the village ministry before our eyes.

Many years ago, there was a civil war in the USA.  During those days after the civil   war was over a plague began to spread throughout America. In that plague many thousands of people died. In this juncture a family of 4 children lost the three children with the survival of the mother and the fourth child of 3years age girl. In a particular situation of their survival the mother became very serious. The child who was on the lap of the mother enquired pathetically “who will take care of me if you are dead? “The mother replied “Jesus will come and take care of you” and left her ghost. The rest of the people who were near the mother buried her. But the 3year girl did not return home she lied on the Tomb itself. After a day an old man who crossed through the Tomb, he enquired the child “Why are you here?”  The child told My mother told me on her death bed that Jesus will come and take care of me “Are you that Jesus?” The old man realized the situation with tears, he hugged her and said, “Yes, I am Jesus, you come with me.”  The child again questioned why did you come so late? “If you had delayed I would have died” she remarked. This reply had broken the heart of that old man.

This question is being asked by our national children and Christians. Today Satan / devil is using the people worse than the beast who are led by lustfulness even to seduce 1year old baby / infant, to various ages of children. Thousands of children molested from their childhood itself and driven into the pit of sins. To guide them towards Christ this summer vocational Bible verse – Bread feeding VVBS programmes are more important. Send your children to this VVBS programmes. As parents you can select any village to do your children’s ministry. In the previous month on 21st, we conducted the VVBS teachers training program in the head quarters of our ministry. In this programme 223 members participated and got their trainings. In this year we have printed, published the book on the title “Be holy” for VVBS, to conduct VVBS in various districts. We are in need of rupees 3000/- per village for the needs to be met for VVBS.  Support and enhance your help for the children VVBS ministry without any constrain of norms.

The month of May is celebrity month of parents and children’s participation. So, we have happily decided to publish this month magazine as “Parents Special” Hence this magazine starts to knock your doors, the youth camp might have ended its core with blessings. The special features of the camp will be shared in the month of May magazine. In this present month on 2nd we are going to conduct one training programme for the committers in this ministry. From 3rd May onwards the VVBS programmes will be carried out by the Soldiers for Christ camp.  The gospelisation by the team in all the districts of Tamilnadu. The financial need is being a big challenge for this ministry. So, uphold us and our needs in your prayers that God may raise the sponsors, supporters, enhancers for the ministry of the Christian Soldiers team to do the ministry in a particular place with accommodation, it will cost Rs.5000/- to Rs. 10,000/- Pray for the needs. Pray for the availment of the Tracts, Pamphlets and gospel books and New Testaments without any failure. May the Lord God entirely bless you and your children.  May the Lord bless you wholesomely.

May the grace of God be with all of us. Amen!

Yours in His Service,

-P. Jacob Sankar