Daily Devotion – 31.10.2019

“For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” – Philippians 1:21

No average man likes to speak or think about death. The mind set up about death gives fear to the people. But Jesus who had given forgiveness will give them another grace of God’s deliverance from the fear of death! There are many steps for growth in Christian life. But we must be matured in the thought (fear) of death.

First step is to know how death does occur to me. What will happen after death? On thinking the eternal life after death forgetting the various fears is the glorious one. The more, we read the Bible and more we pray we can cling more and more towards God and know about the heaven was remarked in the verse with thought of “leaving this world to glorious heaven will be good” is the first step maturity to the next step growth with the desire . Here what we have noticed is going to heaven is not that due to despair of this world; but due to the zeal of seeing Him is with longing desire.

There is another maturity of growth in spirituality. This we can read from the written diary of David Brainerd the missionary to the American tribal in 1744 July 4th date. “Last year at this time I had the desire to leave this world quickly by death to the glorious presence of God the heaven immediately. But now I have the desire and cravings for the tribal people around me to be saved. For this people I have acquired the zeal to live for more days.” Thus, he had written. Yes, this is the grown-up Christian’s mind set up!

Dear ones! We readers of this, let us think a while in which condition we are? 1. Have we delivered from the fear of death? 2. Do we have the zeal to go to heaven while we the read verses with meditation? 3. Though our life seemed very hard in this world, our desire has risen up to live more to declare the gospel to the many?
– J. Santosh

Prayer Request:
Pray for May God do mighty work for revival in the villages where our co-missionaries visit.

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