Daily Devotion – 31.07.2019 (Revival Special)
“…who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” – James 4:17
God seeks the people who crave to act for revival than people who talk about revival. Many Christians think that telling about Jesus to the people who are in spiritual darkness is not theirs but somebody’s responsible. To their un-action they have told many lame excuses and have blunted their conscience. If a rich man has the concern for his brothers on earth to be told of the gospel for preventing them towards hell for the living of us how much concern we must have. In the revival of India, our country, how much part and portion of ours must be?
God can never use the safety concern, wealthy life desiring person. If your heart and motto is fixed to entering into heaven of yourself and without burden without desire to gospelizing for souls you/we will be equaled to Dead Sea without leading others to heaven. Pure water flows into the Dead Sea from 153 places. Being unable to flow outside anywhere it gets stagnant with salt increase and becomes useless to anyone. The living being inside the sea dies. Yes, if you don’t share and tell the good news gospel what you have experienced your spiritual life will become like Dead Sea.
The gospel to preach to other is being blocked by Satan’s deception is that you can do the soul winning after your spiritual maturity is the whisper of Satan. If we ought to tell the gospel to others after spiritual maturity, we can tell the gospel until the second coming of Jesus. So, don’t be delaying. Believers! Depart. Churches! Arise and awake. Pastors! Make your youths ready to commit themselves to shed blood in the spiritual battle field through your messages of preaching and sermons. Encourage them to act for Christ. The revival takes place in the churches can spread into the world. Without delay let us put our part to fulfill the revival.
– Mrs. Dhavamani Vairavel
Prayer Request:
Pray for, May the Lord our God provide the big harvest in the ministries held in the states of Andhra, Oddisha.
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