Daily Devotion – 30.09.2019
“The stone which the builders rejected Has become the chief cornerstone. This was the Lord’s doing;” – Psalm 118:22, 23
Saul was the first king of Israel. God refused him due to his disobedience. God decided to make David as king. God commanded Samuel to go to the house of Jesse father of David. There he holds to anoint the person whom God had chosen. All the preparations were done.
Jesse had 8 sons. Seven out of them were called. All of them were in government jobs. Samuel thought God would anoint one of them. But God refused all the seven. Then Samuel asked Jesse, “Is there any other child” Jesse very sarcastically told, there is one left youngest to all. His father did not like to tell his name. The reason….
David was discriminated: Hence he was a shepherd his father discriminated. His father did not wish to tell his son name. Work of David was simple and mean. Many parents do show differentiations among their children. Yet there are differences in the family to the children even today. The praises for they are beautiful, skillful and educated are being to them with differentiation types do prevail in the family. Our God is mighty to raise the mean/meager to exalt to the honor.
David was discarded: David was younger than all. His job was easy and simple. His brothers were warriors in the army and they had sound healthy physical appearance. His parent concluded David did not have special quality to be praised. But God did not reject him. Today our family members might have rejected us. But our God never forsakes or reject us.
David was despised and belittled to meagerness: He was youngest of them all. He did not have any special work. So, his parents did not give any respect to him. Today the world gives and judges us through our outward appearance, on high level jobs, wealthy state –primarily it honors. But God looks our hearts. Man looks at the appearance and physical growth only. There is difference between the sight of man and sight of God.
Today we may be like David. Our parents may reject us and give importance to others with first prime priority. But God never reject us anytime, nor differentiates or belittles in thoughts. David who was rejected by his family was honored with his names spelled 1083 times in the Bible writings is the example. God is ready to honor us today and exalt us is true.
– K.M. Prasad
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Pray for May the Lord bless the supporting partners of this ministry and raise new supporting partners.
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