Daily Devotion – 30.08.2019
“…It is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Acts 20:35
In the wars of England and China, Charles Harden was the important military officer. When he was retired the government thought to honor him with gifts in a big manner and with wealth. But he refused to accept them. Lastly, they gave him the golden medal as gift which was inscribed with the history of his last by works and won wars history. He accepted that only gift. When he died his relatives searched that medal. At that time one person told that, “He had given the medal to the church in the days of severe famine. His medal was melted and used for the food purchase of food products to feed the poor.” When they turned his diary they saw the writings as, “It is my last wealth.” And he had written “I am happy to give his to my Lord Jesus Christ.”
The scripture says that when Jesus Christ comes, He will separate the sheep and goats into two divisions. In the right side the sheep and in the left side the goats will be made to stand. Seeing the right-side standing persons “Come you blessed! Come to inherit the heaven. I was hungry and you provided food. I was thirsty you gave me water. And I was cloth less you provided me clothes.” Then the righteous will ask, “When did we see you hungry, thirsty and dress-less?” will be the question of righteous, for that Jesus, “What you have done to this little one’s is that you have done to me” will be His saying.
Dear ones! None of us is poor that we can’t do help to this poor people. When a God’s man states he states, “We must give until our hands are injured.” The meaning of this remark is not we must give things excluding our expenses; but we must give from what we have for us. In giving we may be decreased or affected; yet we must give with the heart of satisfaction. We can’t take the money to heaven. But we can send there before it. The only way is to distribute to needy persons! Let us save the money in the saving bank of heaven. And let us become the rich man in the sight of God.
– Mrs. Jeyakumari
Prayer Request:
Pray for the rise of House Churches and praying teams by village wise.
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