Daily Devotion – 30.07.2019 (Revival Special)

“…Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a light has shined.” – Isaiah 9:2

In the year 1904 revival took place in Wales. The saved people were increased to thousand, ten thousand, fifty thousand and lakhs of people. From small children to youth and authorities to labors and police the salvation spread everywhere. The revival news came out every day as daily news. The churches were over full with people as congregation. Worships and prayers continued even after mid night. The crimes were decreased. The people confessed to each other their sins. The loans were returned to lenders. The night clubs, cinema theaters, liquor shops and gay centers and luxurious centers were closed. The police stations and prisons seemed empty. The hearts of the people gloved for the Lord. The born again and saved believers started to preach then and there.

Evan Roberts was the cause for the revival of country – Wales. The mine labor Evan Roberts was neither more educated nor an orator of stage. When he was a youth, he was burdened by the burden of the nation made him to pray for the nation as a result of one pastor’s preaching encouraged him “Pray for revival”. He started to pray for 13 years continuously. To his church 2 youths came to conduct revival meeting and sang a song, “I humble, I humble myself under the feet Jesus Christ” hearing this song Evan Roberts heart began to over flow with the Calvary love of Christ sacrifice on the cross, sacrifice of the lamb by the valuable blood of Christ his heart was overwhelmed. His heart seemed as if his heart would break and burst if he did not pray with weeping and crying. The church congregation continued their singing; God has kept big responsibility compassion and concern for the souls to save them from going to hell, in his heart. From that day onwards a new anointment filled him. Evan did not do big sermons. He used to speak only few verses from the Bible. When he completes the speech, a divine glory used to fill that place as wave. Stone like hearts started to cry and mourn with heart broken. Yes, the revival of Wales refreshed and renewed the history. For that God used as the vessel was Evan Roberts an ordinary but heart burdened youth upon the nation!

For India, we want one Evan Roberts must be your craving? You readers and youth! Why not you be the person?
– Mrs. Jothi Anand

Prayer Request:
Pray for, the participants in the Palayamkottai youth camp to start new youth prayer cells in their residential and around the places.

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