Daily Devotion – 29.09.2019 (Kids Special)
“Uphold my steps in Your paths, that my footsteps may not slip.” – Psalm 17:5
Kumar studied in 7th standard. He used to go to church. He is little bit fair in his studies but he will not fail. The mathematics teacher was conducting the class. Kumar was listening more at him. From the back row there heard messing sound. When he turned back Ramesh was seen showing a picture and laughing. Ramesh never used to listen the lessons in the class regularly, and did not allow others to hear the lessons in the class. Thus, Ramesh used to do more mischievous things. Ramesh threw his drawn paper upon Kumar. When looked at the paper he had drawn a picture mocking at the mathematics teacher. The teacher saw the paper that was in the hand of Kumar. His face became reddish. “What you without concentrating the lesson do you do such unwanted things? M…. go and stand outside” shouted the master. When the teacher asked Kumar, “You too Kumar have joined with those boys” Kumar felt worried. Other students laughed and mocked at Kumar who was standing outside the class.
Ramesh and his friends felt shy about the incident. “What we have done for fun but the master had done so. Today there won’t be existence of half part of the plants in his garden” said Ramesh. “Tonight, let all of us go together to him at 8 P.M.” said the students in chorus. Kumar kept quiet. Ramesh told, “This coward will not come” it made Kumar angry. “Ok” said Kumar and nodded his head. When he came home his mother laid sick on bed. “Kumar be with mom” said the father and went to buy medicines. Father had not returned yet it is going to be 8 P.M. “If I don’t go to the garden, Ramesh will call me coward” said himself (Kumar). His father came quickly and said, “Hi, Kumar police takes your friends on arrest. What mistake they had done not known” said his father and gave medicine to Kumar’s mother. Kumar felt, heart beating in puzzle tik…tik… “I thank you Jesus for saving me from joining them to do wrong” said to him. He thanked God for himself not being caught in mischief. “Here after I won’t join the evil friends and go anywhere” he decided.
Little kids/brother and sister, when you ask Jesus to save you and protect you not to walk in the wrong ways of bad friends, He is mighty to favor you.
– Mrs. Jeeva Vijay
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