Daily Devotion 28.11.2019


“…if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold all things have become new.” – 2 Corinthians 5:17


Today let us meditate about the “deceiver” and what happened in Jacob’s life. He deceived his father and brother cunningly, faced and experienced many sufferings and pains in his life. His sufferings and troubles what he had undergone in Shechem seemed enough. At that time God said, “You rise up and go to Bethel and stay there.” Because where Jacob has to be is not Shechem not only, where he stayed is wrong. But his life was also wrong. The people with him owned the other gods.


They obeyed God’s word and were ready to journey to God’s showing place. Near the Shechem under the oak tree they buried the gods inside earth, because their old life was buried inside the earth. For the sign of holiness and new life they changed their clothes and started their journey.


Even today the questions do arise as, “why unnecessary problems are strivings to come in my life, do and what is the cause?” For Jacob’s this question let us see from his life own life the answer. First, we have to suffer many problems for our sins. We can’t refuse it. One man’s sin not only affects him, but also his all relatives and associates. Next, our life must be changed. Not only the residence; but also, life to be lived. Yes, today many people’s Christian life is like a change of place. They are converted from other religion. But there is no change in life. There is any use of changing the place without the life being changed. When God called us, we rose up from the old place. Has God expected the place only? No, God expects to bury the things and start a new leaf. Then we can feel God’s mighty hand operating in life.


Friends! Having come to new place if the un-buried old sinful things prevail in us, bury it with cremation. This is the true-life change.

  • Anitha Alagarsamy


Prayer Request:

Pray for the children of our missionaries may grow in the fear of the Lord and grow in education.


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