Daily Devotion – 28.10.2019

“Thus, I will bless You while I live;” – Psalm 63:4

“Streams in the desert” the editor and publisher of this book Mrs. Cowman wrote about a missionary who worked in China. For that missionary the life and ministry was failure. The sickness and pains tossed him along with dullness. He tried many times to overcome the dullness. But he could not come out of them. He decided to leave the missionary work and return to his native land.

One day evening when he was walking with waves of thoughts which dashed his mind; he saw a board with words in front of the house, “Try the praise” was hanging. His heart was filled with joy. And he took that writings as that message for him. He started to praise. The dominative darkness from his heart disappeared. New energy of enthusiasm crossed over his heart over whelming. The power of dullness disappeared. From that day onwards he experienced the blessing in the private life and ministry of God and His leading.

Thus, in the Bible, we read King Jehoshaphat had known the glory of praising God! Once King had faced the enemies, the children of Moab, children of Ammonites and further other men gathered against him to war. At that time the king feared and gathered people all over Judah and declared fasting. While they were fasting over Jahaziel and Levi the spirit of God descended and encouraged his people, “Do not be afraid nor dismayed…for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” Jehoshaphat was encouraged on account of this prepared process ready for the battle with soldiers and warriors with armor dressed on line, before them stood the troops for praising God. When Jehoshaphat army of praise started to sing and praise God, the enemies those who came against them raised up to fight against each other troop amongst themselves and were killed.

Dear ones! Have you seen the might of praise? Yes, when we pray, our prayer ascends to heaven. But when we praise, the heaven descends down to us. How great the grace is! Praise God in all and any of such critical situations. You will get the victory crossing over the hurdles surely.
– C. Jeyakumari

Prayer Request:
Pray for the blessing of our missionary families in the state of Punjab mission fields.
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