Daily Devotion 28.07.2019 (Kids Special)


“…How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!” – Romans 10:15


Jerusha was very much intelligent and efficient in his studies and games.  She was a small girl who used to respect all.  One day when she was playing with her friends in the school playground, one nail pocked her leg.  She was unable to hear the pain on her leg.  Her teachers immediately took her to the nearly hospital.  In that hospital two nurses were working.  One of the nurses used to more hot temperament.  Even to the sick patients the nurse used to be hotter tempered.


Jerusha was unbearable of the pain she holds her leg and cried, “Jesus, Jesus” with tears.  The hot-tempered nurse came to dress her wounds.  The nurse saw her and asked, “Why do you utter Jesus, Jesus, who is he? Will he come the moment you call him?” asked the nurse. Jerusha, immediately forgetting her pains she told about the love of Jesus and certainly He will help you in troubles.  The eyes of the nurse started to wear out eye drops. Jerusha asked the nurse “Why do you weep?” The nurse told that she was in big loan trouble, “Will Jesus help to settle the loan?”  For that, Jerusha said to nurse, “Ask and pray, Jesus will help you.”  At that time the nurse kept her whole hope upon Jesus.  In the next day while nurse was praying, she heard the knocking the sound of the door. Fearing that lenders of loan had come there, she opened the door and saw it outside a new thing.  The postman stood there.  He took the cheque from his bag and gave to the nurse and told, “For you the amount had come to you from the government which had to come to you.”   She got that cheque happily and went inside the house and thanked God.  She took that cheque and settled all her loans.  From that day onwards the anger from her face disappeared.  She took care about all the sick persons (patients) very lovingly and concern fully.


Dear brother and sister, when Jerusha forgot her pains and told the nurse about Jesus Christ and hearing this, the nurse accepted Jesus Christ as savior doesn’t look? Thus, will you preach the gospel to others knowing the situations?

  • Saral Subash


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