Daily Devotion – 27.11.2019

“Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret –it only causes harm.” – Psalm 37:8

To a pastor one woman came and said, “I am not able to control my anger.” She told with despair and dullness, “I don’t like to live with this angry nature.” She spoke continuously before the reply. “Even to the mean small things, I used to get tempered and expose anger by losing diligence; but I have one good nature. But all that anger will disappear in few/one- or two-hour’s time.” told that woman very proudly. Hearing that woman’s words “Oh! Is it so, the pistol is also like you! The moment the finger strikes on the trigger with a fraction of winking eyes, the pistol will explode the bullets out and will be calm. But that few hours of time which brings how much worst result, do you see? This is the result of few minutes’ anger.”

Yes, the result of anger is very worst! So, the Holy Scripture warns us not to get angry very soon. Yes, the anger-bad-temper will spoil the Christian witness. We can’t easily think or consider that getting angry is the natural quality or weakness, a genetic nature descended from parent. That will kill us and others and it is a mighty sin to throw us into eternal sea fire. So, how much quickly we can discard it from us, that much quickly to be cast out that anger is essential.

Dear friends! In those days’ God who commanded the air and sea to be calm is even today is un-changing, and God is able to control our rising (bursting) anger and wrath, and lead us with patient and quietness in life. So, realizing the result of anger with broken heart and contrite spirit plead for deliverance with repentance. From our heart not the fire of anger, but the water of peace and politeness stream out and be the channel of blessing by the grace of God.
– Bro. Jeyasingh

Prayer Request:
Pray for the purchase of two wheeler vehicles for our field works.

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