Daily Devotion – 26.08.2019
“For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” – Romans 8:6
Inside of every Christian every day the nature of flesh and spirit do war/strive against each other. They are contrast to each other. The difference between these can be discerned by a spiritual man. Let us see about that.
• The nature of flesh will strive/try for itself. It expects what it can get from others. The nature of spirit will seek for itself and others.
• The nature of flesh eagerly accepts the fame and honor. The spiritual nature will offer all its honor and glory to God.
• The nature of flesh will not obey. Neither will like to obey others nor like to hear others advice. The spiritual nature will not like rule others, it will obey.
• The fleshy nature is filled with greediness. It will like to get things than giving. The nature of spirit will be content with small things. It will be in giving than getting.
• The fleshy nature will like to have contact with rich people and for high status of people. When it looks at the beautiful and high-status people it will smile. The spiritual nature will be happy in the midst of enemies. Rather than rich people it will seek to unite with poor and simple people.
• Fleshy nature will not tolerate small troubles. It will get angrier even in the spoken small words. The spiritual nature will not lose its’ heart in the loss of wealth. When the wrong words of erroneous words are spoken it will be calm and quiet.
Dear ones! In us we would have known about which nature stands above in us the spiritual one or nature of flesh. If the nature of flesh gets primary importance let us daily pray and kill the nature of flesh and walk in spirit. Then we shall be changed as the children of God.
– Bro. Thomas A Kempis
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