Daily Devotion 26.07.2019 (Revival Special)


“Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul;” – Acts 4:32


At the time of revival all over South Korea there was always continued prayer. The labors who attend the factory used to pray while they go the factory those who travel in a bus used to praise God and sing songs.  The Bibles were very quickly printed.  The working time in the printing press was 8 hours.  But the people came to the factory and voluntarily worked for 12 to 14 hours a day.  When the higher authorities told them to return home before the night of scarcity begins to cover the earth without works of God, they used to state that, “We will send or deliver the love of beloved Jesus words throughout the world before the dark days come” and did their work enthusiastically.


In South Korea, there was a hamlet with a church.  The congregation decided to repair the church.  One poor believer did not have money for offering.  He thought and decided to sell one of his eyes for the repair of the church.  For he practiced to live in a single eye for few weeks, he went to the hospital and requested to take one eye and pay him the money.  When the doctor asked the reason, he told him to repair the church.  Hearing this, doctor’s heart began to melt.  Doctor, hesitated to remove his eye gave him a big amount.  When hearing this, other believers gave their all for the ministry as sacrifice.


To speak about revival there were one thousand people. But to pay the propitiation few came forward! How many are there to come forward to give them as sacrifice without selfishness? Truly revived individual man or congregation will come forward to give for God with sacrifice.  Seeing Jesus Christ love meeting 1000 of people a small boy was touched with revived spirit gave 5 bread 2 fish to Jesus.  Holy Spirit filled congregation sold all their belongings and placed in the feet of the disciple.  Yes, God’s children! Let us come forward to pay the propitiation for the sacrifice and look forward the revival.

  • Jothi Anand


Prayer Request:

Pray for May the Lord bless the sponsors and partners abundantly those who support this ministry through their offering and prayer.


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