Daily Devotion – 25.10.2019

“…the house was filled with the fragrance of the oil.” – John 12:3

Baghatsingh was born in a staunch Punjabi Sikh religious family. He went to Canada for higher studies and got his engineering degree. There he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as personal savior. When he returned to India in a ship and he decided to serve the Lord and his engineering certificate which was in favor of his future was thrown into the sea by him and he gave himself and all his belongings to God. In the future in his latter days God used him to establish 10,000 churches all over the Lord. His holy life and ministry are a challenge for now a day’s Christians. His books even today encourage with more enthusiasm and makes dynamic the believers and ministries of God. Yes, his commitment had propitiated price in the sight of God was seemed as the most valuable thing. So, God used him as a light all over the world.

In the scripture it tells Jesus was in Simon’s house for dinner and while dining Mary a woman broke and poured on the head of Lord Jesus Christ the costly Alabaster box spikenard perfume she had earned. Seeing this, others those had indignation criticized her. They told she spends vainly/wastely. But she did not mind them. But her thought was what the Lord says. See, what the Lord said about Mary:
• She has done a good work for Me.
• She has done what she could.
• She has come beforehand to anoint My body.
Thus, the Lord had given witness about Mary!

Dear ones! Don’t you want the blessings that Mary got? Have you been blessed by the Lord by for giving what you have to God’s ministry? If not decide today itself. When you come forward to give for the Lord your home will be filled with blessings. Giving may be the thing, time or talent. So, try yourself giving to God with generous, willing heart. The above quoted God’s man gave himself and all his belongings. The surrounded people might have remarked you had wasted your life. But God made her sweet-smelling perfume to the world. Yes, the paid price is not a waste; It is victory.
– Bro. David Thavamani

Prayer Request:
Pray for the repentance and conversion of the resisters for the gospelisation in the villages.

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