Daily Devotion – 25.09.2019
“Who is the man that fears the Lord? Him shall He teach in the way He chooses.” – Psalm 25:12
Seeing the life of Isaac, the stranger the Philistine king and nobles said, “Certainly God is with you.” We read this in 26th chapter of Genesis. What is the cause for the remark of Philistine king? When Isaac did the farming, it grew to 100 times multiplicity. They that were envious against Isaac closed all his wells. They chased him to drive him. The more the Philistine chased him; Isaac dug the wells in various places. They chased him wherever they went and advised him to leave that place. They chased continuously, but God blessed him 100 times more. The king of the nation feared at him. Thus, they came to know that God was with Isaac.
In our life we too have problems, failures, whenever we have such things, we get tired and dull. But the man of God Isaac in the midst of problems and constrains was not dull and despair. He continuously progressed in the strength of God. Notwithstanding the chase of surrounded people’s problems, nobody was able to block the blessings of God. What is the reason for that? God was with Isaac. Yes, if God will be with a man how big the huddles may be the surrounders will surely know that they will know God is with him.
Dear youths! “Whatever I touched are being huddles, what will be about my future? Can I promote myself?” are you reading this with tears? Don’t be discouraged. Just testify yourself, “Am I with God? Or God is with me?” and precede your works that you have to do further. Even in some matters, though you face failures and problems just continue boldly and march forward like Isaac boldly. The shame and scourging may chase you. But one day will come! On that day relatives, friends and neighbors will tell, “God is with you that we have found it.” So, such surprising God may change your life with blessings. Amen.
– Mrs. Saroja Mohandas
Prayer Request:
Pray for the “House Church Pastors Meeting” is held for 2 days from today onwards in the Gethsemane Campus. May the Lord bless this meetings.
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