Daily Devotion – 25.08.2019 (Kids Special)
“…the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins…” – Matthew 9:6
In a beautiful village lived Ramu and Raju named as two friends. Neither school nor leave was not able to separate them, they two were to that level bosom friends non separable. They had the habit of fishing hobby during holidays. While they returned from school on Friday evening, they talked about it. Thus, one day, “Hay! Raju, tomorrow is holiday, shall we go for fishing” asked Ramu. “Super idea, we shall surely go.” said each one of them went to their own homes. Next day, Ramu woke up early morning told his mother and got ready. What are essentials for fishing, tell. A long staff with a fishing hook, and one box, oh! Yes, you told correctly, but you have forgotten to tell one thing. Is it earth worm, very good? Ramu brought it to his mind. Behind his house in the midst of coconut coir, dry coconut shell being heaped, there he found more earth worms. When he put the worms in the box one of the worms bit him. He did not notice nor bothered. He went to Raju’s house. Raju was ready for shopping. Seeing Ramu, he told, “You go before me, I will get things for my mom and come there.” “Ok, come soon” said Ramu and he drove his cycle towards the pool. He started to fish with much jolly mood. Whenever Ramu kept the worm in fish hook the worms started to bite him, but he did not bother. He caught more fish but Raju did not return. Thinking why Raju delays he put his hook for fishing in the pool, suddenly he had fallen to dizziness. Seeing Ramu, Raju was puzzled. He cried for help, “Anybody help” the neighbors took him to hospital. The doctors tested Ramu and told he was dead. Raju was unable to believe. His heart was broken. Doctors tested to find how he died found the poison was mixed in his body. Ramu’s body had become bluish. What Ramu had used as worms were the chicks of type of snake! Yes, because he did not notice the sting of snake, immediately he died of poison being spread all over his body.
Kids children! Though the beginning of the story seemed nice, the end seemed to hear painful to all isn’t it? If you leave it is a small sin like lie, theft, envy, cheating with despise as a mean thing, one day it will spoil/destroy you. But if you tell to Jesus the forgiver of sins, He will forgive your sins and help you to live Holy life happily.
– Sis. Victoria
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