Daily Devotion 25.07.2019 (Revival Special)


“…the word of God grew and multiplied.” – Acts 12:24


In the year 1950 the tortures and tribulation were released against Christians in whole China.  There was no end and limit to the barbarous acts of the government.  During this tribulation pastors underwent the imprisonment to many years. And further un-refused believers of faith for Christ they were crucified and nailed on the walls of the churches. Until others die, they were tied and pulled and dragged by the horses and vehicles.  They took one pastor tied him with a long rope and lifted him up high on the crane and pushed him down and killed him to death in front of hundreds of people.  Thus, the torture was horrifying and diabolic for God made his bridal church holy and brings more glory.  Thus, the efforts and steps taken to root out Christianity by the communist authorities favored to spread the gospel speedily.


The government principles which favored to reach the revival:


  • The communist principles that scheduled to spread and pave for new roads, railway roads, airports led the house prayer team leaders very swiftly to the un- visit able and unreachable places to do the ministry.


  • Through the literacy amendment laws, it made the people to read the literacy and helped the people to read enormous words of God.


  • Due to compulsion for over reading communist books, news and government news magazine; rather than newspaper and TV programs, further people had unquenchable thirst upon the Bible and upon Christian books. Making use of this a chance Christian organization indirectly dumped into China the lakhs of scripture books and Christian books without bothering the forth coming dangers.


  • Communist government had enforced it’s principles upon people to hear radio broadcast. Making this as a chance the Christian radio broadcasting ministry was focused towards China through various programs in the transmitting waves. Most of the Chinese were the converts through the radio ministry!


The horrible torture and laws and plans of Chinese government were not able to block the burst and blast of revivalism in China.  Why not God do such things in our nation? In the near future how much trials and tribulation may come the Christianity it will spread increasingly and widen with revivalism.  Those who believe say Amen!

  • Jeba Davidganesan


Prayer Request:

Pray for May the Lord command and provide the issues to the awaiting missionary couples in the appointed time.


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