Daily Devotion – 24.09.2019
“…there was no more sea.” – Revelation 21:1
In the “Time” magazine an article came out about the scientific research on around the world status. In that article, the forest in the earth and lands were analyzed very finely. It was remarked that there was no land without the stepping of man. Further let us know about the broad firmament sky, planets and stars. And the knowledge of analyzing about un-seeable germs and microbes increased. But the deep oceanic research we are backward. Because of water current and darkness inside the deep ocean are the cause for our backwardness was remarked in that article.
Through this scientific truth let us know the spiritual truth. We Christians must know him and accept the forgiveness of sins and we are en-graced to call him as father. Thus, we have the link with God, and some things are understandable and will be un-understandable. The revealed are ours and unrevealed things are secret things that belong to the Lord is read in Deut. 29:29. In this world many things are un-understandable. The surrounding things around us and horrible things in the world; for this we don’t know the reasons and they are un-understandable. In the scripture God who said, “Will I hide things to Abraham that I am going to do?” Though God said this in one hand, until 100 years God did not give the answer about the child for Abraham. This was not revealed to him by God. Instead of that God said only to wait/tarry.
Dear ones! We need not quest the un-understandable things and extreme knowledge things to confuse ourselves. What are revealed is much enough. One day will come, and then we shall see him face to face. The new heaven and new earth that will be created, there will be no sea, writes Apostle John in the book of Revelation. There will be no secrets, no hidden things. All will be explicit and outwardly visible. So, there is the answer for all our questions waiting. There by, let us follow our life journey with faith.
– J. Santosh
Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Lord fill and rise the youths as leaders those who had committed themselves in the youth prayer meeting with the spirit of prayer.
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