Daily Devotion 24.08.2019


“…My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do, I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” – John 14:27


It was the burial ceremony of an old man.  Near the grave box his 84 years old wife stood there.  In the fire accident that happened in the house, as the whole house was burnt, her husband also died. The wife who was out of the house escaped to life.  Just a week before this her son died of cancer. In two weeks, the old woman lost her beloveds.


One man asked, “How you are bearing all these things as one woman. With tears in her eyes she firmly answered. “It was not very easy. The losses that I met seemed like a deep river; I felt as if I will sink into it.  I cried and pleaded to God.  God filled me with the peace of God in my heart which the world cannot give it. So, I swim and reached the shore.  The loss, sufferings, trials and tribulation how much they had deepened their life as the depth of the river the person who had experienced the peace of God certainly swim and reach the shore. If I had tried to stand on self-strength it would be impossible.  Yet, I relayed upon God I had reached the next shore. “God was with me” said the old woman.


Yes, dear beloveds! When we face problems, crisis, sufferings, trials, tribulation and losses we got the end of life due to dullness, tiredness with the thought we can’t live.  This is true.  If God is with us in the midst of them, the flood (water) will neither over flow us and nor the fire will burn us.


Are you being tossed in the depth of the sea, just look at the face of Jesus! Then you can catch hold of God’s Peace as you catch that wooden piece and reach the shore.

  • S. Daniel


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