Daily Devotion – 24.07.2019 (Revival Special)

“I came to send fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” – Luke 12:49

The church history narrate that the revival of Azusa Street is the biggest one in 20th century. It happened in the America in the state of California in the city of Los Angeles. There the revival came through the son of black slave William J. Seymour. What he preached the experience of Pentecostalism was not accepted by those days’ churches. So he preached outside of his house verandah door. After days passed the people gathered and came to his preaching. In 1906 April 9th date people who heard his preaching was filled with anointing and filled with tongues speaking. Later the meeting was held in the building of Azusa Street. Once it was the temple and it was cleaned and the church was gathered. There was no bench to sit, no altar for preaching, no choir to sing and no advertisement. But when the Pastor William Seymour who is humble and prayerful started praying on kneels the glory of God would descend there, like the clouds of the sky.

In the time of worship many times the heavenly music and songs of angels were seemed mixed with the church worship. At that time cloud like God’s presence used to fill the whole church. Like people of Israel through their eyes they saw the cloud of glory, they touched and experienced that by their hands. The innumerable miracles and wonders happened in the worship. The artificial leg fixed person was prayed for and the leg started to grow and went around the church and he went to the altar and told his testimony. Thus for 3 years daily 3 times worship were held. At that time of worship, they saw 50 feet high fire flame burning and wondered. Hearing this revival, the people around the parts of world started to come here. Through this revival many missionaries went to many parts of the world and countries. The Pentecostal missions found to be appeared more than 500 lakhs of churches now a days are the result of this revival.

People of God! In our nation, such revival should break out! In India without Christ daily 20,000 persons are dying. Thinking this, let us be filled with the burden of God’s heart. God chose you and me to save the people who die in sins to lead towards Christ. Let us march to preach the gospel! And work or operate as the tool of revival! We shall own or capture the villages and towns for God.
– K. Esther Rekha

Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Lord provide the suitable life partners to the waiting youth missionaries.

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