Daily Devotion 23.11.2019


“…Your law is my delight.” – Psalm 119:174


Dr. Judson did his missionary work for God in the country of Burma. He worked for many years, days and night and translated the Bible in the Burmese language. Within few days of his translation he was arrested and imprisoned in the horrible cell/shell.


His wife had the fear that the government would snatch the translation copy and burn it. So she kept those translated copies buried in the earth. But Judson had the desire to read once at least those translated hand written copies. So he sent the secret message to his wife regarding this. His wife found a way. That is, his wife rolled the hand written script inside the cotton pillow and sent to Judson in the jail. That pillow was there for many days. When Judson was transferred to another jail and that pillow was not allowed to him. The jailor (authority of the jail) threw that pillow far away. It had fallen out of the jail and it was stamped by many people on foot. Judson was unbearably worried about it. But the Lord sent that way one Christian. That person without his knowing he took that pillow and opened and saw it. Ah! His heart was more amazed. He found Bible written in his own language. He used more materials for printing on expenses. Now-a-days the Bible is being printed into lakhs of copies and distributed in Burmese language.


Yes, today in every language the Bible is obtained, surplusly should not be considered ordinarily. For the translation of scripture many persons shed their tears on knees and also boldly shed the blood. Number of persons had undergone the imprisonment, slaggings, beatings, starving with endurance and had provided the Bible to this world. So, feeling and knowing the marvelousness of the scripture everyday let us read and love it and live by it and live the life of un-stumbling with peace.

The man of the 6th day creation, you read the scripture books 66,

to escape the damnation of 666.

  • Vinitha


Prayer Request:

Pray for today’s children’s camps that is going to be held in Sivakasi and Elayirampannai and for the children’s names to be written in the book of life.


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