Daily Devotion 23.08.2019


“…I am Almighty God; walk before Me and be blameless.” – Genesis 17:1


A young girl from Bangalore came to a Pastor and asked, “How must I dress?”   The pastor told that, “Your sudidhar must be some inch long and the neck measurement of your shirt collar must be so much less, I am not a tailor; I am the servant of God.”  “So, regarding this, what I say think yourself that next to your house in the next street Jesus lives.  One day Jesus phone and calls you to come to my house let us go to one place.  To go with him what dress you wish to wear just wear every day.” said the pastor.  “So, how you wear dress to see Jesus, thus you wear you dress.  When you walk with Jesus if you are convicted in your conscience, do don’t wear such dress anymore.” added the pastor.


Many times, in our heart when we are disturbed or consciously convicted can we look the T.V program? Just think Jesus is seated nearby you.  Look the program which Jesus can sit with you and see it.  If Jesus cannot sit near me and read the books I also won’t read.  If Jesus can read the books which they cannot be filthy books, aren’t they?  If we Jesus cannot see the programs in the computer, take the decision I shall not the T.V/Computer programs. In the place where I work if Jesus cannot sign the file commit yourself, I shall not sign the file.  Will Jesus sign in the hanky panky file?


Dear ones! If a brother from church informs about his visits to our house, will we quarrel with husband or wife before the quest? No, isn’t it?  Why do we despise the God who is always with us watches over us? Dear children of God! If we habituate every day our relationship with God to live in His presence, we can easily abide and fulfill the words of God.


“I am almighty God; walk before Me and be blameless.”

  • Zechariah


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