Daily Devotion – 23.07.2019 (Revival Special)

“…His ministers a flame of fire.” – Psalm 104:4

Next to Apostle Paul, “Charles Finney” was the very big evangelist on his days. Like Charles Finney none could have been the shaker of the world through revival. He was called the “Father of Revival”. What was the reason for God’s using him so powerful?

In 1792th year Finney was born in America. During his academic years in the law college; his youth hood sinful life began to prick and poke him with convictions. One day when he was going to office saw Jesus Christ was hanging on the cross. Proceeding on foot he stood still there. With tears flowing down from his cheek he ran into the trees filled forest. He wept and prayed with mourning and crying and received salvation. On the same day evening the anointing filled him with overflowing. From that day onwards he gave more importance to the early Morning Prayer. His face was filled with gloving and his heart was filled with bursting love. Reading the scripture, getting filled with Holy Spirit and interceding with prayer was his delight and joy.

His words possessed big power. His eyes filled with Holy Spirit over flowing. When he was doing his ministry in the New York mills he went to visit a cotton mill. When he went inside, near a girl to 8 feet to 10 feet distance she fell down and started to weep with tears. In that room other people also filled with the conviction of sin and started to weep. Then it started to spread one after the other room. The owner of the mill/factory told the supervisor to stop the work. All gathered in a big room. Finney preached and the entire gatherings were filled with power of Holy Spirit covered the place. All repented. Thus many incidents can be told. In the meetings held in the city of London every day 2000 to 3000 members committed for Christ. When he preached the power of God descended upon them that the whole people were seen knelt down on knees and, some started on the floor and wept for many hours. Finney was preaching till 83 years of age.

Through an individual’s life God who used mightily and in the lives of lakhs of people the revival broke out in many countries. Yes, God is eager to use like Finney, any man whose prayer life and Holy zeal filled to be exalted high to be spoken by history.
-C. Jeyakumari

Prayer Request:
Pray for May the readers of the publication of this devotional message in the languages of Tamil, English, Hindi and Telugu be met in the Lord and grow in their spiritual life.

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