Daily Devotion – 22.09.2019 (Kids Special)
“And see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” – Psalm 139:24
“Greetings, Happy Birthday” said Sam and Esther and taken the chocolates. That day was the birthday of Raja. He gave chocolates to his class mates and gave a package additional to Sam. In that there was a costly foreign chocolate. “Thanks Raja,” when asked, “How did you get it?” “My uncle is present from (USA) America he brought it. Not only that he brought more dolls and dress. Today evening you come to my house. I shall show you all of them” said Raja and sat on his seat.
In the evening to Raja’s house the relatives and friends were present. The friends ate the cakes and ice cream and gave the gift of Raja. Raja took his friends to his room. The dog barked. When called “Roger” it stopped. In that table was dog doll. “Is it barked? Now it did not bark!” asked Sam. “When I call it Roger it will waggle its tail for 2 minutes. Whoever comes in it will bark.” on hearing and seeing this, all of them touched that dog doll. Two minutes later Sam stretched his hand towards the doll. The doll jumped and barked. All were astonished and saw it happily. Sam asked Raja, “Ai Raja, you give this doll for a day.” “Sorry, my father told not to take this doll out.” said Raja. They did not know the time pass by playing with that doll. Raja told sorry to his friends and told them to play with the dog that he returned in 5 minutes and went out for sendoff his uncle and aunty in a bus. Thinking this as a chance his friends began to talk, take out without the knowledge of Raja to play with the doll. Sam told not to do so. Ravi went outside hiding the doll inside his shirt. Very soon Raja returned. The dog barked Loll, Loll. The dog doll that was kept hidden in Ravi’s shirt betrayed him and Ravi bowed his head with shame.
Kids, we must not greed after others things. That desire will bring shame and danger. So, get your needful things by asking Jesus Christ. Ok!
– Mrs. Jeeva Vijay
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