Daily Devotion – 22.08.2019
“Jesus said to them, “Fill the water pots with water…” – John 2:7
I am water you all know about me very well. I don’t have color (I am colorless). I have no odor or no taste. I wish all to know about a miracle that happened in my life.
One wedding was held in Cana of Galilee. Jesus and his disciples were invited to the wedding. Suddenly there was scarcity held for wine. It is very hard to prepare for the wine. So, mother of Jesus informed this to Jesus. Jesus told the servants to clean and fill the Jar with (water) me.
After few minutes Jesus called servant to fetch me out from the Jar and said to give to the steward. If water is taken to the steward that had to get angry was known to him. But he obeyed the word of Jesus. At that time a big astonishment had happened.
Suddenly my color changed to blood color. A good odor started to smell. I am not able to believe myself very soon that he gave me to the steward. He took me in a spoon and tasted me. His eyes started to spread wide. Immediately he called the bridegroom and asked, “So far where you had kept it? It is sweeter than the previous wine.” whispered slowly. Then only I had known that I have such taste in me. I started to think how such color, odor and (taste) deliciousness came into me.
Hence, I realized one truth. For all these things I came to believe the root and base was Jesus Christ. His words spoken to the servant came to my mind. I believed that there is power to the word of God. I looked at the faith, strength, and obedience were being honored by Jesus. I have realized clearly that this had brought a change in me. I inform this as a testimony to all of you.
Of course, your life will be like mine. To speak worthy, I don’t have anything in me! You may think that, “I live without any hope and desire” Commit yourself in the hands of Jesus. Only He can change. The Lord will change your life to other’s astonishment and others betterment.
– K.M. Prasad
Prayer Request:
Pray for, the speedy the construction of 1000 members/persons accommodation of prayer hall and for the needs of the same to be met.
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