Daily Devotion 21.10.2019


“…every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” – Matthew 3:10


I am a woman; I was born in a farmer family. One person came to me and gave a beautiful plantain sapling and told that to grow finely and provide him the yielding as it starts to yield. Though I was more anxious to grow the plants I chose a good place in the back yard of my house and planted the plant and poured water and fertilizer once in a month. But though many months passed, it seemed none yielding. I lost my patient. I plucked out it with a thought to plant another sapling.


Here the scripture tells about Joseph as a witness, “Joseph is a fruitful bough…” (Genesis 49:22). Though Joseph left his own land, left his parent and own brothers to a lonely place without any safety and protection he was fruits yielding plant. What type of life we are leading? Are we like the plantain tree with all richness but without fruits to yield? Or like Joseph are we being the fruitful blessing to others in the midst of lacking and troubles? Let us think a while.


For us God given loving family, nice children, beautiful house, and handful salary with all types of richness of worldly life is bestowed by God, are we satisfied with this thought? Have we forgotten for keeping us in this place that God has a purpose and plan? Do we run like the worldly people in their lives forgetting the call of God to yield fruits? If so, we have to think and then run the race continuously is important.


So dear ones! The safety sound health, strength, long life is all not by us; but God given. The work that we do and the earnings that receive is fully God’s grace! Let us leave the mind set up of “All things are mine” and reduce the luxurious experience and support the orphans. To the possible effort let us do good things. And live the life of yielding.

  • Hephzibah


Prayer Request:

Pray for our children those who are in Children Home grow in the fear of the Lord and wisdom very excellently.


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