Daily Devotion 21.09.2019


“…where are those accusers of yours?” – John 8:10


Suppose you are clearly seeing the fault in another person. Truly seeing that is wrong. Questions may arise in you that, why not we inform his wrong to others? Why-not we tell his wrong to others to teach him a lesson? How can he do such wrong thing? Such questions do rise in you.


Don’t be in hurry, be patient.  Just think yourself that you have done the wrong and you are a convict, and when a person tells about you to many persons, will you like that? Will you accept on a person who wishes to teach you a lesson? Certainly you will not be willing such things.  When a person comes to you and informs you tenderly ask for change (repentance) you will call him consciously good man.  When you see the faults and wrongs in others why not you stand as a good man?


A woman who was caught red handed, and when all the people stood ready to stone her.  Jesus Christ did not join with them to stone her.  He saved her from them.  He pointed her wrongs and told (warned) her not to do the sin.  When we see others fault, we should not think we are apart from faults.  Somehow we are also liable to do wrong by nature in any one of the situations.  So, we must not enjoy others faults in sharing to others, we must behave in a matured state.  By advertising the faults of others we must think; do they have any profit out of that.  If a man has the wrong thing for the backsliding of others or affecting many people’s life, it must be declared to many people and made aware of that wrong as an essential factor.  And in contrast of such things through to propaganda his name as rumor will harden that soul from repentance.


“If all the good speakers have done the good things in this world so much wicked men/evil men will not have prevailed now in this world” said one man. How we are?

-Mrs. Jeevamani


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Pray for the readers of Motcha Payanam magazine and our small booklets for their spiritual life may be built.


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