Daily Devotion – 21.07.2019 (Kids Special)
“in all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works;” – Titus 2:7
Hello kids! How are you? Do you say going to school, doing work and for writing time fits ok? It is not like that, talking to Jesus desiring to do anything for him is your zeal ok. Shall I tell you about a kid child, what she did for Jesus? Come let us hear the story.
Christy and Ruba were singing the rhymes ringa, ringa…roses and playing. They were nearby house friends. They used to play after completing their home work. Christy’s parents had a house in their own mango grove. One day while Christy was looking the mango trees suddenly told, “Mother I want a mango tree” Her mother told, “What Christy all the trees in our garden are for you” She selected one tree and labeled it for “Jesus Christ on it” in a card. Her mother felt very happy. Early morning Christy began to pour the water to the plant/tree. Returned from school she used to see it, how long it was grown up. Above all other trees her tree grown for Jesus was grown up higher. Christy was also grown up. One day she became very sick with fever. After some days, she became lean and thin without any improvement. She was bed ridden. Now she is dead without any improvement. The family members were not able to forget her loss. Years passed on. Christy grown up tree had bud, blossomed with many fruits. Her mother plucked the fruits and sold them and sent the money offerings to missionary movements with full details of Christy. Reading about her the founder of missionary movement was heartbroken. Thinking about the kindness and love of the child Christy towards Christ he praised God. Christy though she was dead she gives the fruits. The thought I shall do the service more to God gripped the hearts of all people. Hearing the sacrificial love of charity of Christy everyone got changed to do something for Christ.
Dear kids! How are you? By giving to others, telling about Jesus, helping and by doing something for Jesus you can live a fruitful life. Shall we live a life?
– Mrs. Jeeva Vijay
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