Daily Devotion – 20.11.2019

“Do not harden your hearts…” – Psalm 95:8

The Lord and God wished to deliver his people to seek Him and worship Him in Egypt. For that God sent Moses and Aaron to the king Pharaoh of Egypt and the king was continuously hardening his heart is known to all of us. In those days the servants of Pharaoh saw the king and were asking question as, “Let the men go, that they may serve the Lord their God. Do you not yet know that Egypt is destroyed?” (Exodus 10:7) Yes, due to God’s permitted 10 Plagues the Egypt was swamped to complete destruction. Yet, he did not send and nor was willing to send the Israelites to worship the Lord God.

Readers of this article! Do we have any wanting/lacking continuously in our boarders? Let us analyze that one way if our hard heart is the cause. If our thoughts and deeds do please God, a let us analyze and set right those things, all the prevailing lacking will be wiped out and will be filled as blessings by the grace of Lord Jesus Christ without any fail is un-doubtful.

Until the destruction of Egypt like Pharaoh hardened his heart let us not harden our hearts and retain in it, but come out from our carelessness. Sometimes God permits sufferings in our life and allows constraints may be to set right our wrongs. Suppose if we consider those things as a chance with realizing our self, we can live a victorious life. Before God starts to ask us, “Haven’t you known?” let us repent.
– Bro. Benjamin

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