Daily Devotion – 20.10.2019 (Kids Special)

“By humility and the fear of the Lord, Are riches and honor and life.” – Proverbs 22:4

For seeing that grandma, will be amazement to all. Because her teeth will be on line whitish and beautiful. People call her teeth are super though she is very old. And all the people who see grandma used to speak about her teeth. Some will praise her; this the grandma likes more.

In that village where the old grandma lived there a young girl lived. She had long plot hair. Those who look that girl all used to praise her. Some will ask her, what oil she applies for her head. The girls like talking about their hair, isn’t it? This sister will feel happy whenever she is asked about the hair. One day that grandma saw that girl and called her, “come here” playfully and pulled her hair. The plot hair suddenly came out with hand. “Alas! Granddaughter” shouted loudly the grandma and the young girl said, “Grandma don’t shout” and tried to shut the mouth of the grandma and her teeth of grandma had fallen down. But it is a tooth set purchased in the shop. When that the young girl shouted, “Alas! Sorry grandma” all the surrounded people have gathered there. Then you can assure what would have happened. Do laughter bursts out? Both the grandma and granddaughter got ashamed. Though it seemed a humeric story there is something that we have to know about it is there. What we act as a good person before others will never become permanent. One day the truth will come out.

Dear children! We too in many times behave falsely. We act and put mask for somebody should praise us. We desire to be boastful so we decorate our self we like to be proud. All these things Jesus Christ does not like. God likes more only the true, humble persons. However, you might be Jesus Christ will accept you. Is this not enough, then why should we act? Think a while!
– Mrs. Gnanajothi Simson

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