Daily Devotion – 20.09.2019
“Those who regard worthless idols forsake their own Mercy.” – Jonah 2:8
The people of Ninevah did many sins and ran towards the judgment of God. But was unwilling to destroy them, sent Prophet Jonah to give a chance for their repentance. And without obeying God and without desire to go to Ninevah he travelled to Tarshish in a ship. In his heart he had the thought he runs out of the presence of God. Can anybody run out of His presence? When we fly (climb) towards sky there do He exists. Even when we lie in the grave; bottomless pit there do his hands will catch us which the Psalmist narrates in his Psalms. Jonah did not have the knowledge of God! We cannot be hidden or forgotten for a minute at least from his presence or sight. The mighty God watches like CCTV camera every one of us throughout 24 hours as if he keeps an eye upon us.
When a man thinks to leave God’s presence what will happen? The thing that happened to Jonah will be to all those who try to escape from Him! The ship that Jonah had accommodated came to breaking condition. Jonah thought, “Ha! Escaped from God’s presence” and started to sleep peacefully. But God did not leave him. Then we all know what happened after wards from the scripture. When he was about to be thrown into the water, he thought the dead was nearing. And when he fell into the sea there was a big fish ready to swallow him. In a horrible situation Jonah was inside the fish for 3 days day and night. If the fish opens its mouth the sea water will gush into the stomach of the fish and hit Jonah. If the fish closes its mouth there the acid will ooze out from its body for digestion which will irritate his eyes and eyes sight with irritation. And the discharge of the fish inside the stomach will have tossed his intestine with bad odor. “Only three days it can be tolerated” he could not bear it easily possible to him, this thought could not have been passive to him. And he does not know that the fish will vomit after 3 days. “For how many days this suffering will be?” when he thought “what was going to happen” his soul had worn out. Then Jonah remembered God.
Now where are we running towards what? By God’s will? Or do you think, like Jonah your chosen way is correct than God’s way in you running towards after? God will not leave you so, God says, “I will put the Bridle unto your mouth and curb to your nose and bring to my way.” So, let us not waste God’s grace but leave it to God’s will, with our submission to Him and walk in His way.
– Mrs. Buvana Thanabalan
Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Lord provide the better future for the Tuition Teachers those who work in the field of missionary villages.
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