Daily Devotion – 20.08.2019
“…He who does not love his brother abides in death.” – 1 John 3:14
Suppose you have fallen down and one of your hands bones is fractured, what will you do? “Hand is broken (fractured) what to do?” will you leave as it is? No, we won’t do so. How much pain and sufferings would be! You can’t eat, nor sleep! Immediately we go to doctor and have treatment.
But what will you do when your relationship with your elder brother breaks? “What to do brother, I am fine. The problem is with my younger brother” he will say. If you approach the younger brother, “I am fine, the problem is with my elder brother” he will say. Do you know how it is? It is like fractured bone looking at the bone of other hand bone and will tell, I am fine, only that bone is broken. But if undergone to treatment and taken rest, it will be alright. After got healed it again can act normally. Just like this the relationship of the brother will break. But will the Satan wish to regain the relationship of the brothers, certainly no.
If we have fracture in our body can be in peace? But with the neighbor, co-believers with beloved brother, husband and wife when relationship breaks, we do worry? Thus, how it is not worrying us while the bone fracture happened in the body of Christ and why? If we have least bitterness against our brother God can’t agree our offering says the scripture isn’t it? Yet, by hating our brother for the world’s sake and as for souls we stand in the gate of Heaven with pleading in which assurance? Do we think that God won’t consider all these things?
Dear ones! Find out where is the fracture in your body and get healing from the heavenly healer Christ with his words of hammer as medicine. Apply the medicine with the balm and try for healing. Very soon the fractured bone will join together. This broken bone is your brotherly love! Then your prayer will be heard.
– S. Jeyakumari
Prayer Request:
Pray for every student joined in the (Bible) Theological College to learn the Bible/scripture deeply and get the training for ministry.
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