Daily Devotion 20.07.2019 (Revival Special)


“For surely there is a hereafter, and your hope will not be cut off.” – Proverbs 23:18


On the date 25th of November in the year 1965 Richard Wurmbrand arriving to Chennai news had created a big expectation among Christians.  The reason is his 14 years imprisonment life of sufferings in the prison of Rumania, because the Tamil Christians had already known about his sufferings through his book, “Glorious victory from torture.”


On that what he had shared in midst of his message a witness of happenings as follows, “A Russian boy was jailed in the same prison of mine.  As a prayer warrior he had the zeal and thirst for the revival of India.  Though he had not paid visit to India he had many news collections about India. He had burning desire in his heart to do the ministry in India.  But the severe imprisonment, slaggings, starvation, coldness and cancer scattered his health.  Battle against death he laid his head upon my laps and continued his prayer for the revival of India. At the time of his last breath he shared his last desires to me, “Sir, if you are delivered and freed by the grace of God, in case if you visit India just tells those (Indians) how I loved the people of India and how much I prayed for them” and left his breath out.  Hearing this witness from his mouth all the people who were in the meeting were heartbroken.


Dear ones! Yes, one day in heaven we are going to tell certainly to that youth holding his hands with gratitude, “Your prayer is heard.  The result of that I have come here.  Not only me, behold there crores of Indians have become as the citizen of heaven.”  Yes, when so much of wheat seeds are being sowed how Jesus Christ can’t provide revival in India? How many foreign missionaries shed blood in this earth of India! Their prayers shed with tears for revival go vain! So, in this juncture can any human might or political power can block or stop revival? No, no never.

  • Anitha Algarsamy


Prayer Request:

Pray for the needs to be met for the going on construction in Gethsemane Campus.


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