Daily Devotion – 19.11.2019

“…that no purpose of Yours (God) can be withheld from You.” – Job 42:2

We have known about Moses who had written the first five books called Pentateuch. He had led the Israelites out of Egypt from their slavery and led to Canaan. When Israelites were slaves in Egypt, Moses was born there. From the minute of his birth God did in his life was marvelous and miraculous. The maids saved Moses inspite of the government law, that all the male children to be killed, and the parents hid the child for 3 months and grew the child in favorable circumstance, and packing the child in the reed box in the river of Nile, which made the daughter of Pharaoh to notice it and showing mercy with decision to grow it through arranging mother to take care of the child because of God’s stand behind it was true! Though it seemed a casual, normal deed in the sight of the people, God’s plan and God behind it was true!

Yes, God send Pharaoh’s daughter to the right place at the right time, and made the child to weep and made to grow in the right place in the right way was God’s plan! Moses was born and grown up in the place where the law of slaughtering the male child was promulgated and it was really a surprising one! Yes, though nobody was able know the hand of God’s doing behind Moses life, God had accomplished what he had thought at the right time properly through proper person.

Today things that happen in our life may be a questionnaire. You may think that my life travels through which direction and where I know not. Don’t be troubled, forget them and hope behind every incident God functions in your life. Thinking that, this thing happens casually is God and His plan is with us to be reminded in our heart and memory. So be hopeful that, “God leads me perfectly.” He will be behind you in all situations and accomplish all things for you.
– K.M. Prasad

Prayer Request:
Pray for our preparatory works for Daily Devotion magazine and for the needs of the printing to be met with.

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