Daily Devotion – 19.08.2019
“A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” – Proverbs 25:11
A girl was named Mary, was born with infirmities. Her lip was divided. The nose seemed bent. But her parents hopefully educated her. Her co-students very often started to mock her. On result of this, Mary seemed angry and with fretting in the class. She did not have any friends. Nobody was there to show concern over her.
In this state Mrs. Leonard was appointed as her class teacher. Her teacher who had given her for Christ had understood Mary’s problem in few days. She had another problem which nobody could understand her. But Mary’s one ear was clear to hear. The teacher found this.
In the time of asking question, the teacher was concerned of her that Mary should not be ashamed of when she asks the questions among the students and behaved kindly. One day the teacher to encourage Mary told the children, “You each one of you come here to me close your one ear with one hand. I will tell you one secret in another ear you must repeat it to Me.” said the teacher. When each child came there Mary also came. The teacher asked Mary to close the un-hearable ear. The teacher in her next ear whispered, “Mary I love you. Should not you have born as my child?” Mary’s face blossomed with happiness and joy. She tasted the love of God through the teacher. As the days went on; her life was changed. She became the best student in the school.
Dear ones! In our area, around us there are lots of people left rolling on failures and discarded by men with cravings for love, “Will not any one speak to me?” people live with cravings and with inferiority complex. Our loving words, kind good deed will change their life. Today will you speak kind words with words of faith and encourage them?
– Mrs. Saroja Mohandoss
Prayer Request:
Pray for, may the participants of the youth camp and let the youths’ taken decisions be carried out till the end with firmness establishment in God.
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