Daily Devotion – 19.07.2019 (Revival Special)

“If you will return, O Israel,” says the Lord, Return to Me;” – Jeremiah 4:1

Leonard Raven hill the warrior of revival wrote a challenging book of “Why revival tarries?” He had sprinkled the reasons for the tarrying of revival in his book which all Christians and ministers of God have to read. From that shall we see a part of it?

*Revival tarries…* because the gospelisation has become a business. Poor people, laymen’s offerings are being spent for the luxurious life of ministers, pastors, and evangelists. Luxurious houses near the banks of lakes and lots of money in the bank deposits were empowered by the preachers and by hoping further the people they live there in this state how can God send the spirit of revival? The preachers who preach Jesus who was born in cattle shed who stay in the costliest bungalows, luxurious boarding. The people, who preach gypsy dressed Jesus, live and beautify, decorate themselves with dresses as celebrities and film actors. What Jesus had practiced was fasting; But what these people are doing is practice of luxury. What will be the end of this people in the Day of Judgment?

*Revival tarries…* because our gospel preached or delivered in the lesser level through radio station, co-cassettes and songs in the churches are subject to dances and music. In the songs the glory of Jesus blood was not honored. The stages had become the showy platform for their talents. Today’s preachers don’t hesitate to bring forward before the stage anybody for any cause? Do you want help? Do you want might? Do you want to live closer with God? Without faith and honesty, they alter falsely through their lips without truth in their hearts. All these things dishonor the blood of Jesus and spoil the altar.

*Revival tarries…* because we don’t have hurrying spirit for prayer no pain and burden for souls. We have not strived to blood shedding level. We too don’t have eagerness and zeal in our prayer. Without firmness, regular discipline and continuity we do our prayers. We will speak about the might of prayer and write but don’t tarry and strive in prayer. Yes if no prayer no victory, if no tear no revival.

Think a while Am I the cause for the revival tarrying and repair the altar.

Prayer Request:
Pray for May the 1000 members accommodating New Prayer Hall to be started and the construction building to be completed.

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