Daily Devotion – 18.11.2019

“…that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.” – Romans 12:1

We praise and sing and exalt God. Thus, we worship him piously. In the above said St. Paul insists not only the pious worship, but also living worship as an important one. Which is the living worship? Presenting the bodies to holiness by renewing of your mind and committing your bodies to God as living sacrifices is the living worship.

Today, there are many thousands of notifications are equipped with videos in the mobile with beautifying the outer phase of the body. Youths more searching word from the internet is beauty tips. In their steps and efforts taken for this one if they are asked, whether they take at least 5% of efforts for their holy life, it will be questionable one. Many times, the body involves in the matters of flesh and defiles the holiness of God in body and spoils the body of man and makes to involve in unwanted things. To spoil God given miraculous body man gets slave to kinds of drugism, smoking cigarettes using panparak, tobacco and intoxicated things in surplus as alcohol and other addictions in easily available way. In the developed towns and cities, the youth girls too are slave to these various kinds of intoxication, is very much painful!

If we have committed our self as living sacrifice to God, we must expel out the filthy things from us. Suppose you have to clean dirty tank filled with water, first of all the dirty water must be exit. Later the tank must be cleansed with pure water. When we take efforts to wipe out the evil habits God also helps us. God cleanses us by his most valuable blood. “God, I commit myself. I leave out all my desire and wishes. I decide to live as you wish” be our prayer.

Friends! Merely singing and praising is not worship. Preserving our body as holy offering is worship! It is the living holy sacrifice! If you are truly worshipping means, worship Him piously with renewing mind.
– Mrs. Buvana Dhanabalan

Prayer Request:
Pray for our office works to proceed finely, perfectly and God to provide the needs by His grace.
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