Daily Devotion – 18.10.2019

“…For God has already accepted your works.” – Ecclesiastes 9:7

All the problems that we face in our life are not big as Goliath. When such big problems come, if we manage and overcome it, we get a thrill and satisfaction. It seems meaning in it. But our daily works in our daily life makes us dull. Everyday’s going to work; cooking, studying lessons all seem to be leavened. Everyday’s life seem to be burden and dull with a thought what big we had done in life.

When we read the life of men who had done great things for God or when we hear them, we will think what is our life? And will my daily life be useful to God/Lord? And such questions may rise.

We must not forget we are called to do big things for God. “Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1Corinthians 10:31). What does this verse tell about? When we do our small, small things for God He will accept as a perfume. Yes, God looks our small, small things done for Him as a big thing. But our big things that we do for our fame that God looks them very mean.

Dear ones! You may be a student or managing home wife or a husband working in a company, or called as a missionary for God. Yes, if you do all things with honest and faithfulness for whatever you may be called for God gets glorified in you. God never thinks she does cook or he does daily scheduled work. Hereafter don’t be discouraged and dull about your work or don’t raise any question about it. Your entire daily works will be accepted in God’s presence as perfumes. Hallelujah!
– J. Santosh

Prayer Request:
For the office use the Xerox machine is urgently in need. Pray for early purchase.

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